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Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the functions of Wice CRM, sorted by topic:


->Q: Under which address can I log in to my client?
->A: As an On Demand client, you can log in to your client directly via our central login at http://wice.de/service/kunden-login/ at any time using your access data!

->Q: Für bestimmte Angebote wird eine Adresse (URL) meines Wice-Mandanten verlangt. Wie finde ich die?
->A: Wenn Sie in Wice CRM eingeloggt sind, dann schauen Sie bitte in der Adresszeile Ihres Browsers nach. Sie benötigen hier die die ersten Angaben, z. B. https://node66.wice-net.de.

->Q: For certain offers, an address (URL) of my Wice client is required. How do I find it?
->A: If you are logged into Wice CRM, please look in the address bar of your browser. You need the first details here, e.g. https://node66.wice-net.de.

Organisations / People

->Q: How can I create a new organisation?
->A: Go to Organisation in the menu and click here on + New organisation and you will get to the input mask of a new organisation. Fill in the fields and confirm your entry by clicking on Save Done!

->Q: How can I create a new person and assign them to an organisation?
->A: GGo to People in the menu and click here on + New contact and you will first reach the selection screen for assigning the person to an organisation you have already created. If you do not want to assign the person to an organisation (for the time being), leave the field empty and activate the checkbox Individual. You can also assign the person to an organisation at any time later. The input mask for creating the person now appears. Fill in the fields and confirm your entry by clicking on Save Done!

->Q: How can I create further categories for the organisations or persons or change existing ones?
->A: Categories can be changed or added by the administrator in the administration.

->Q: Can I set up more than four address category levels?
->A: Up to four category levels can be set up. Years of experience show that this is perfectly adequate. Please also bear in mind that the system is to be operated by a human being afterwards. Masks that are too extensive increase the sources of errors and reduce staff acceptance.

->Q: What happens when I delete categories?
->A: When categories are deleted, they are removed from the addresses. Only if "Delete entries too" was selected when deleting, all addresses containing this category will also be deleted.


->Q: How can I edit email templates? ->A: By clicking on Templates in the Campaigns module under "Areas" and then editing the desired template - by clicking on the title - and then clicking on the Edit button here. Tip: You can enlarge the field with the email text for a better overview/editing if you move the mouse over the grey line and then drag it downwards!


->Q: How can I create a new ticket?
->A: You can do this directly in the organisation. Click here on "Actions" and then select "Create ticket" and then fill out the corresponding mask. You can also click on "+ New ticket" in the "Tickets" area. Then first enter the name of the organisation to which the ticket is to belong and then fill in the ticket mask.

->Q: How can I define the ticket types and the statuses of the service and sales tickets?
->A: You can define the ticket types and the statuses in the administration.

->Q: : How can I create a resubmission / todo in a ticket so that it appears on the Home page in the Dashboard? ->A: Click on "+ New entry / Todo" in the corresponding ticket. Enter a text of the todo. In order for it to appear on the home page, a date must be set for "Todo date". If you then select a staff member in "To staff member", the resubmission will appear on the corresponding date on the staff member's home page.

Sales & Reports

->Q: Where does the data for the sales forecast come from?
->A: Wice CRM distinguishes between "opportunities", "orders" and "invoices". You create these in a sales ticket. An opportunity does not have a "closing date". Only when you enter a closing date will the sales total be listed under "Orders". If you use the opportunity or order in an invoice, then the sales total is listed under "Invoices". The Sales Forecast adds up the totals, whereby for opportunities the total weighted by the closing probability is added.


Administration & Settings

->Q: F: How can I adapt the colour of the header in the client to my CI?
->A: To do this, click on Sitemap in the menu bar at the top and then on Admin in the left-hand menu. Here click on Company Data and then on the Edit button. Then click on the company colour and select the desired colour. This will be applied automatically - alternatively, you can also enter the desired HEX code directly. Finally, click on Save to apply your changes.

->Q: Can I delete entries such as organisations or tickets collectively from the system?
->A: Yes, you can delete entries that have been assigned to a category together, e.g. organisations or persons, but also tickets or articles. To do this, click on More and then on Administration in the left-hand menu. Here, click on Categories and then on the respective category whose assigned entries you would like to delete and then on the respective category name in the list. The number of entries linked to this category is then displayed under Delete contents and the entries are irrevocably deleted by clicking on the delete link.